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I said that I didn't realise it was about LBPV and not LBP3.

Maybe you need to get to another crater and recreate the scenery or save it and place it on the other crater. I still don't know what causes this in LBPV, since that game has very less bugs. I personally don't have bug experiences anymore in LBPV.

And if it doesn't help, try to recreate it and find the problem by yourself, if the answers here don't help.

But how many stickers do you have? Is there a glitched object? Are the sackbots from a glitch? Do you play on a older version?
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(05/25/2017, 00:05)ojramkibainu Wrote: not sure if can answer it, i think the last time i played littlebigplanet vita was like 4 years ago, but post your question about rotation maybe someone can help Happy

I am on LBP3 on PS4, There were 23 stickers, letters of a title, so cut out on material and obviously close together. I see now that the answer would be to do that and take the photo or screen shot or just do that as a scene with nothing else in it. I must say I am not finding LBP3 to be consistant, what works one minute doesn't the next , or what works in one level, (or doesn't ) is completely different in another.
You posted in the LBPV section instead of the LBP3 section.
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Oh beg your pudding, I didn't notice, sorry.
No problem.
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Moved the thread to LittleBigPlanet 3...
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