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LBFPC1 - Participation thread

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"Sleeping Beauty"

[Image: ca31be9e3586df2c1a1eb7e597207a7234ae8439.jpg]

[Image: 67bceb448e8ad5235b5af413b53ec2714783b310.jpg]
[Image: mfq87yel.jpg]
Awesome scenery, where are those barrels? In which level pack?
[Image: qbqo5h8v.jpg]
It's just a simple castle dungeon (i seem to be missing more decos than i thought), still it's clean and uncluttered, which i like.

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[Image: d06dd846aac49a7ec0eb66d50a45e30cdfd2e197.jpg]

Hope i did that right.

Huh, the link works, but the image doesn't. That's odd, right
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=waffle_king23&bg=52&f=18&l=6]
Want to watch a foolish gaijin butcher monsters and the Japanese language at the same time? Well, now, you can!
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''Princess rescues knight''

Once upon a time that Sackboy was exploring the castlemania world,
but was captured and imprisoned in a cage inside an abandoned castle by evil Newton...
Luckily, Eve retrieved the key and rescued Sackboy from the castle,
cause, you know...sometimes the princess is who rescues the knight...
The end

[Image: ee7a349d70035d107daae253b1442bbf55868461.jpg]

 lbp.me images haven't enough resolution

[Image: 20170522094824_c203d8a.jpg]

so, here is a screen capture Love
Great work you guys!
[Image: qbqo5h8v.jpg]
hello this is my succubus inspired castle(?) or something like that
Forum Name: seakh
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Picture URL i dont know very well how to put the pictures
like this?

or /spoiler[Image: DAcTyCXXgAAUPPN.jpg]

[Image: DAcTy-kWAAAT56o.jpg] /spoiler
Closed. The contest is over. Now we have to find the winner. We'll message you when we found the winner. Happy
[Image: A8BTtou.png]

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