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LBFPC1 - Participation thread

Participation thread for our POD Contest #LBFPC1!

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If you need help to post a picture, then I can help you and edit your post. Happy
[Image: A8BTtou.png]
So I just post it here?
If so, I uploaded it on my PS4 account already.

[Image: 82f2cc1ee7b0bf31e2f8dfd3d108a7e78e4840a2.jpg]

Link Question
Yeah, a beautiful pod decoration! Good luck for the contest! Happy
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=CuriousSack&bg=s01&f=1&l=5]
Forum Name: Candy
PSN ID: Blushing_Kiss
 I'm not sure if I'm supposed to put my Twitter or not but here it is anyway Happy

Candy Castle Theme:
[Image: C-5Bm_PXgAAEgt8.jpg]

[Image: C-5BjDJXUAAowz0.jpg]

[Image: C-5BdSyWsAAorUZ.jpg]
Forum Name: doc
PSN Name: DocSilence

To be honest I'm not that active on here but I wanted to join this since I love decorating my pod!

The picture shows you my castle. It's not a regular castle! It's a castle build around a tree so I guess we can call it "Tree Castle"  LOL

...and yes you can go inside of it! The front wall of the castle is placed between the 2nd and 3rd layer. The tree trunks on the left and right (which are the entries of the castle) are placed between the 2nd and 3rd layer as well while the front part of the trunks is placed on the 4th non accesable layer. I tried to make it as much realistic as possible so you wont see Sackboy standing behind a wall (even if you move his head) and you also wont see the decoration touch him when you stay on the path. Wink Hope you like it LOVEYOU

[Image: 20170504122736_3505107.jpg]
Could insert my LBP.me here but 1st I don't know why I should and 2nd I'm too lazy.


So instead I just put this in here.
Forum Name: KSMills
PSN Name: Freakladon

I am not the "architect", that would be my younger brother who helped me make this account Happiest
[Image: FPoqOqm.jpg]
Great entries!
[Image: oae56e5n.png]
Forum Name: DragonFly2500
PSN Name: DragonFly2500
Picture URL: http://i9.lbp.me/img/ft/229daad4f01f80f2...4a39d7.jpg

[Image: 20170505215500_8efb100.jpg]

Good luck to everyone!   Happy
The Only Limination Is Your Imagination. - LittleBigPlanet 3 - PS4

[Image: drawsig.php?creator=DragonFly2500&bg=24&f=3&l=0]

[Image: drawsig.php?level=qv4j0c4&bg=36&f=3&l=6]
Looks cool!
[Image: oae56e5n.png]
Forum Name: TheOfficialAyee
PSN ID: TheOfficialAyee
LBP.me: http://i2.lbp.me/img/ft/a32bfa0ca07c67a7...7e7f6b.jpg

[Image: 20170506222422_138bb06.jpg]

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