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Ideas and plans for Dreams

I can't wait to see some cool horror levels! With the possibilities in Dreams it can be really creepy. I look forward to it. Happier
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I think that open world is possible but it depends on the thermo capacity.
personally i'll go totally for horror and a bit of fantasy/sci-fi with some sexy female character as protagonist if the game allows it XD
kinda horizon zero dawn/nier:automata/final fantasy style :p
Really depends on the limits. I hope it has more space than LBP. The thermometer gets full really quick by using stickers and decorations. That's really bad for me while making story platformers with realistic enveironment or well decorated areas. And everytime I manage to optimize it I reach the level end.

I really hope Dreams gives the creators a chance to create something big. I have never seen a long level in LBP, that has a deep story and a long playtime except for survival levels and a few horror levels.
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Yeah,there are long levels on lbp, but mostly are about making repetitive actions without variety of scenery.
I managed to do my level cursed 2 and my silents to be like 30 mins of gameplay some of them,but they are horror games and i used backtracking and monsters-ghosts battles to extend the gameplay time,but if do you want to make a linear level with big and different areas to explore the thermo it's a big obstacle.
Using many materials isn't a big deal, but tbe stickers and decorations and the sackbots of course are a big deal. 5% for 2 different stickers or decorations. That's hard.
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I created a little scene with Unity3d. Nothing huge and totally awesome, but something:
[Image: imtayuc2.jpg]

And I managed to make it playable. I think if I get used to that it could get really good and if Dreams has something similiar to offer I will like it.
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Hey guys!

I created another scenery with Unity. Kind of the same setting:
[Image: ebrjki39.jpg]

Creating big landscapes is awesome! I really hope that Dreams has more space and more capacity for the creators.
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(05/24/2017, 21:01)mdkd Wrote: I have never seen a long level in LBP, that has a deep story and a long playtime except for survival levels and a few horror levels.

I just had a glance at this thread and I saw this so if you haven't played this then I think that you should check it out. I have actually advertised it here but that was a couple of years ago so there could be a chance that you have played it already. It's basically what you want, a total of six levels, long and deep story with a choice that affects the last two portions of the story.
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Oh, thx for sharing. Actually I have played levels with cool storys, but they were 5 minutes long. I am looking forward to play that level. Happy
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