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But I missed Thanos

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Recently I watched Aliens & Cowboys. Or was it Cowboys & Aliens? Well, it was cool. There was also Harrison Ford who played a bad guy. He wasn't the antagonist though.
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I saw guardians of the galaxy 2 with my girl and she enjoyed it so much even if she didn't saw the first one, ...so guardians 2 is my favourite this year Happy ,no plans to see another movie yet, maybe the remake of IT! or the dark tower, or tomb raider next yearXD ... unless Laika releases another animated movie, i loved Kubo and the two strings! Wink
Hey Ramkibainu,
I once watched the Tomb Raider movie with Angelina Jolie. It was great!

Which series do you watch?
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Well,not much series i used to see Lost,x-files but were too long that i found boring them after some seasons.
the only recent series that i really enjoyed was stranger things .
I definitely watch too many series. Game of Thrones is my fav one! No other series can beat it. Happier I've also watched all Marvel series and will watch all upcoming Marvel series. Currently watching Penny Dreadful. It's dark and very cool. Wink Other great series: The 100, TWD, FTWD, Vampire Diaries (I'm so sad that it's over after 8 seasons.), Grey's Anatomy and many more ...
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I totally agree with "Game of Thrones" and currently I enjoy watching "Supernatural". Happy
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Hmm i vote for Alien covenant.
I am fan of the frenchise since the very first Alien movie.
The Ac is since thursday in the theatre.
I dont expect to much from the movie but as a fan, i have to watch it earlier or later.

The best alien part was the second movie.
It was packed with fast paced action.
First one was very tense and atmospheric.
Third was lame in almost every way.
Fourth was cool again.
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GoT? Heard about it. It's totally mature content, right?
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