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Too late (WIP)

i know i haven't mentioned anything, but i've been keeping my eye on this thread. Really impressed by what you've put up so far, and i always like to hear how creators approach their level making.
Take all the time you need making just what you want to make. i'm really looking forward to seeing how it all comes together.

Have a great day, and happy creating!
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=waffle_king23&bg=52&f=18&l=6]
Want to watch a foolish gaijin butcher monsters and the Japanese language at the same time? Well, now, you can!
THX! Didn't know someone else was interested. Happy

By the way: I am keeping most details secret because there are many stages in development and things can change real quick. I am one of those perfectionist-freaks, which makes those stages of development a journey. Happier

So stay tuned for more. Happy
[Image: g85d96h4.png]

[Image: g85d96h4.png]
Small update

I am already working on chapter 2. I have many ideas at the moment. I hope I can try some of those ideas out.

And I just want to thank Waffleking23 for testing my private alpha stage - adventure. Thanks man!
[Image: g85d96h4.png]

I watched a video about Fallout 4's flaws. The youtuber mentioned, that the player character is not really sad and shocked about the world's state. That was a good point!

We often forget, that the postapocalypse is not only a scenario, but also a dangerous and sad state of the world. If Trump and Kim Jong Un start World war 3 the world will be destroyed. The trust between all countrys will be gone. The whole system could collapse. Or let's remember 1945. Germany was destroyed, the nation wasn't proud of their culture anymore. Yeah, the rest of the world was fine, but things were different from that day on.

What I want to tell, is that the reaction of the player character cant be like 'Well, the world is destroyed, but thats how it is. So who cares?' It was the world he lived in. Not just a stage.

Because of that I decided to edit the dialogs. I changed the subtitles, tried to make Ben sound really scared, shocked and sad. In the beginning he also said: 'I have to find my family.' I made it sound like he was depressed. I changed it into 'My family is out there!' This time he sounds really worried. The world is destroyed, maybe there are zombies who eat people, or maybe there are just insane humans who kill each just because.

What do you think about that topic?
[Image: g85d96h4.png]
I am making some progress. That's great!

Here is the first interior design:
[Image: 8u6ngda3.png]

I will use a lot of vegetation to make the places look abandoned and hopeless. I have many location ideas. A sewer, a forest, maybe a indoor swimming pool? I have many more ideas and I will look at some pictures and recreate the places there.
[Image: g85d96h4.png]
I made a trailer for this adventure!

(It's not done though)
[Image: g85d96h4.png]

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