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Programmable Code lock

Hey folks, I thought others might feel enticed to create their own program-able code lock. Basically, you enter mutliple buttons in sequence to unlock the device. You can use the same button several times and add an infinite number of inputs as much as lbp will allow. The device uses the same logic as my 8DSV, so for lack of a video I will post that one for now. You can copy a version of my lock on http://lbp.me:80/v/q0ny0nd. The catch is, you have to play my INSECTOIDS 1 for the key[url= http://lbp.me:80/v/q3ecd4] http://lbp.me:80/v/q3ecd4 [/url]. Alternatively, you can add me on PSN M_R_Enigma. There is instruction to repin the lock, or you can watch the video. Worst case, message me for instructions. 

For a pristine version of the controller lock, play my 3D Tank Beta and Ace the Level. http://lbp.me:80/v/q0wnedf 

Act now, as I will remove the lock in a month. 

This is for lockboxes, right?
[Image: qbqo5h8v.jpg]
(02/13/2017, 03:33)mdkd Wrote: This is for lockboxes, right?

Yes, I guess. I have a new version which allows you to enter cheat codes into your level. By the way, I never got the notification this was replied to... Not even on my UI page???

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