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LBFC5 - Frosty Fun (Contest Thread)

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Let’s celebrate the cold and snowy time of the year with a new LittleBigForum Crown Contest including the brand new LittleBigForum pin as prize for the first time!
Sackboy needs help to survive the boredom during the frosty winter. Create a winter themed level and help him enjoy the coldest season of the Year. Can you warm him up?


- Create a unique winter themed level. It has to be either a platformer or minigame playable with Sackboy. It does not have to be snowy all over your level but we want you to give us this special winter feeling when its cold outside, icy or festive (etc.)

- Build your own self made power-up that we have to use at least once during your level. The more you can use it in unique ways, the greater is the joy of your level. Be creative!



-> The rare prize Crown
-> The brand new and extremely rare LittleBigForum pin
-> 50$/€/.. PSN Card (or its nearest equivalent)

2nd and 3rd:

-> The brand new and extremely rare LittleBigForum pin!


You need a LittleBigForum account
Post your LBP.me link to your level in this thread (link). If you do not and we can not find your LittleBigForum account with the help of your PSN-ID your entry gets disqualified!
Create a previously unpublished and original level with gameplay based on the contest theme. We don’t want movies, but cutscenes are allowed. Platformers and minigames (all kinds of.. for example survival etc.)are also allowed.
The level should have a winter theme or should at least have something to do with it (cold/blizzard/freezing/festive/etc.). It does not have to be christmas themed but you can if you want to.
Create one or more power-ups for your character and let the player use it at least once in your level. The more you can use it in unique ways, the greater is the joy of your level.
You can only submit one entry with maximum one level link.
All entries must be playable in LittleBigPlanet 3. LBP1, LBP2, LBPVita levels are not allowed.
Publish your level between 18 December and 29th January 2017 (final deadline: 11.59 pm GMT).
Include the text „LBFC5“ in the title of your level.
Do not republish your level after the deadline. Republished level may be disqualified.
Have fun and respect other creators. (Permanently banned contestants from LBF are automatically disqualified from the contest.)



Good luck!
The LittleBigForum Crew.
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Good luck to everyone who enters!
Good luck to everyone! I hope you all enjoy the frosty season!
[Image: A8BTtou.png]
Although the new LittleBigForum pin is VERY attractive, and definitely a prize worth going for, I don't think I'll be entering this one.

But, I wish all of the creators who do enter the very best of luck, and I look forward to seeing the wonderful creations you make!
Alright! I said I was joining so I'm in!
I'm in if that's okay with you guys.
i'm innn!
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=Erysiol&bg=40&f=17&l=8]

Nice, a new contest. Battle with Zombies Road of the Dead has to wait a little bit and my platformer project too. I'll go on this one. Happier

Good luck to everyone.

BTW: I got the LittleBigForum Pin, which is nice. Happier
[Image: qbqo5h8v.jpg]
Everyone who is a member of LBF is free to enter!
Really cool!

I got the LittleBigForum Pin, which is nice.
[Image: qbqo5h8v.jpg]

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