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I m on an Oddworld-like project !

As you can see in the title. I work on one or more levels on the life of the world of abe's oddworld. I tell you throughout the levels to play: a young Sackbot (unknown name) and his people of sackbots rejected their old world "Craftworld" the player playing this young robot on an adventure through the landscape of abe's oddworld. 

I hope you like this idea ! Tell me if I should do a before level to make you wait! Thank you  LOVEYOU

PS : Small sign to developers if they see this message. I would love you to do another pack of costume on Oddworld (Slig , Slog, Glukkon, Paramites or Scrabs) to complete complete my project above. 

Thanks !  Love
[img]file:///Users/monsieur_tim/Desktop/da289d7bc1ac6d3608e044d46dc65c93338c86ef.jpg[/img][Image: 20161208145750_22fb0ce.jpg]
[Image: 20161208150017_b1d10e7.jpg][Image: 20161208150043_fb7b9ff.jpg][Image: 20161208150115_250cf8b.jpg]

 Some screens from the level Wink
Looks really great so far.
[Image: np8e6a7b.png]
(12/09/2016, 10:55)mdkd Wrote: Looks really great so far.

Hi everyone ! 

I am back after a long absence I resume what I started! I post these 3 photos to make you a little idea!
[Image: 03a1a91c964459885c65530623b16e193b79ba33.jpg]
[Image: c74687dc80bb79f588c4a9af1a74f1b03d7e9dc0.jpg][Image: 97a9c664cdf7aa1d21b1054e428aeed0f3f786b8.jpg]
Hey welcome back!
[Image: np8e6a7b.png]
(02/07/2018, 15:23)mdkd Wrote: Hey welcome back!

hey thanks buddy !

can't find how post image ah ah
Hi monsieur_tim,

and also welcome back from me! Happy
If you want to add pictures to your post then you first have to upload your picture to the web so that you can get an URL address of your picture, then you can open the "insert an image" function here in the post editor (the first icon above with a little green add-sign) and then copy the URL of your picture into that window! Voila!

Many greetings, Jürgen^^
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=CuriousSack&bg=s01&f=1&l=5]
Wow, I'm really loving this.
Looks great! Looking forward to it, as I'm a big fan of the Oddworld series.
[Image: drawsig.php?level=q28g1jk&bg=44&f=3&l=6]
Hello everyone ! I post this message for alert ! My level Oddworld The New Employee is out ! the part 2 is working on progress Wink Thanks everyone ! check it out on https://lbp.me for queued Wink

Thanks to share and like ! U're best !

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