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Open world platformer

Hello guys,
I want to announce my Open world platformer project.

It's not a classic platformer. It contains a openworld and a deep story.

You play as Frank. He is a detective. Addicted to alcohol. His wife left him, with their 2 children. Frank rents a small house in a poor town. Suddenly he hears about a murder in the news.

The story is inspired by another LBP Vita level. A good one. The gameplay is simple: Investigate the town, discover the town and its elements and find the killer!

This is how it should look:
[Image: 29sdpy2h.jpg]

[Image: acs57wfw.jpg]
What do you think?
[Image: np8e6a7b.png]

I thought a playable 'pre alpha' would be good to show off some stuff. So if you have some minutes and a Vita, go play it and share some feedback. Happy

Here is the link: https://vita.lbp.me/v/qtwnw
[Image: np8e6a7b.png]
Battle with Zombies 7 is published. That means that I have much more time for other projects. Projects like this.

Maybe I will build a new small town. I have seen early versions of jackpot city of LBPV and it inspired me a lot.
[Image: np8e6a7b.png]
Is this project still in the works? I'd love to see it complete
After finishing my LBP3 project I'll come back to LBPV and focus on my 2 LBPV projects. And here's a new picture:
[Image: eifoc56q.jpg]
[Image: np8e6a7b.png]

here's a picture of the published playable scenery: 

[Image: t9nd2uti.jpg]

I think the blue light source and the yellowish light coming from the window compliment each other. I am working on a new city and I am trying to do the same thing as with Too Late: Write a story, build the setpieces. I planned on making a bridge/river, a bar, a dark alley with 'gangsters' and a motel.

Here's the background of the new level:

[Image: 3gfhqhjm.jpg]

So, what do you think?
[Image: np8e6a7b.png]
Here's a new picture:
[Image: v73oxatv.jpg]

I changed the brightness of the light. The advertisement in the background is a reference to my third cardboard race level in LBP Vita.

What do you think?
[Image: np8e6a7b.png]

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