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VR-Maze 2.0

[Image: ffd5842995602256e881315a91343a3f7279dd80.png]

 [2 Players] [Prizes coming soon]
Welcome to the new improved tech of VR-Maze 2.0.
Fight your way through this survival program with a teammate.
Watch your steps and try to solve the puzzles together.
Don't let the heat of the situation confuse you. *Music made by me*

[Image: 481b1d90ffd0d1fccde687d15f0c5627ac37b258.jpg]

[Image: 2fc4d9d26e21398bf00d6b4c72a8c236abd5221d.jpg]
[Image: drawsig.php?level=q28g1jk&bg=44&f=3&l=6]

  • Changed some puzzles to incorporate more co-op gameplay
  • In the last part of the level, all switches will be set back automatically when you die
  • Fixed some sound bugs
[Image: drawsig.php?level=q28g1jk&bg=44&f=3&l=6]
Hello, I'll be sure to check it out later. Its queued Happier

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