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Halloween Costume Contest

Ha ha! Scared you didn't I?
Oh, I didn't? Well then, how about you scare me and the rest of the world with your spookiest LBP3 costumes, in this years Halloween Costume Contest ran by me, Tomsnodgrass. The link to the level will be at the end of this post.
There will be an almighty 12 winners! This larger number then usual does have a reason! There will be three winners for Sackboy costumes, three for Swoop and so on. In this level: https://lbp.me/v/qxvbfsj/activity , the prizes will be given to the winners.
The winners will receive either a 3rd 2nd or 1st place prize pack. How this will work is me sending the winners their own special code to put into the machine in that level. They are not words but just a random set of six letters. This code, once put into the machine will give them their prize.
I think I've rambled on long enough. Time for the rules:

 You can only enter a maximum of three costumes per character, but you can have other people help you to make the said costume. If you win and they want a prize too, you can send them your code.
 Stay within the theme. We do not want to see a Barbie or something else which is outside of theme.
RULE 3: Be original, don't just use a costume giveaway level.
RULE 4 Have fun creating of course!
Anyway here's the link: https://lbp.me/v/qx28d4z/photos?p=1&l=12
Happy Halloween every one, and should you have any questions don't hesitate to ask!
Over and Out...
Is this still going on? I'd love to participate when I have the time. Happy
~Be kind to your fellow sackfolk, and they may return the favor. 
Good question, it's been two years. I think nothing can hold you back from making a creepy costume, right?
[Image: np8e6a7b.png]
I just checked the link, and it appears to be broken. Maybe they deleted the level...?
~Be kind to your fellow sackfolk, and they may return the favor. 
Yes I think after two years the user deleted the level.
[Image: np8e6a7b.png]
That's a darn shame. oh well, I can still make a Halloween costume. XD
~Be kind to your fellow sackfolk, and they may return the favor. 

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