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If you need music, click here

Thank you Addictex, I will come to your offer when I need it. Happy
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I don't need music my man, but if you'd like to share your music with the community, I can definitely help you with making a music gallery level. Hit me up on PS4 if you want.
Thanks Sparky, but I already have a music gallery  Yolo nice try (jk)
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Hi Addictex,

did you notice the thread about the LittleBigDiscography project?
Maybe you could put some of your songs into the category system or if you don't are member from sackinima.com then you could give me the information and I will inform Ostler5000, so that he can insert some titles into the category system..

Many greetings, Jürgen^^
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I think I will add some information to my lbp music.
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Thanks for the offer! I'll be sure to ask you if I can't find fitting music for whatever I'm working on.
~Be kind to your fellow sackfolk, and they may return the favor. 
Hey,I need music.I need someone to make the music "I don't want to set the world on fire" by the inkspots for a fallout level I'm doing,thanks
also I need a music-maker for my Create group "Nite Light Productions
I'm taking requests again Happy If anybody needs some original music for a level, just send me a message Happy
My music gallery: https://lbp.me/v/qxm0g8f
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