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Where are you, LBP Vita players?!

Hey man, glad ya made it!

Haha, just published version 1.1 of my recent Battle with Zombies in lbpv. What a dead game! Happier
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I'm still vita. I have such good memories in this lbp game. So far I'm planning to continue my horror series or just platformer... Happy it just hurts to check for good level in the cool pages.
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P4P is 'cool'. If you search for cool levels at your friends activitys or by the name you will find cool levels.

I still remember 2013. Some people created neat levels over there. Platformers, music gallerys, topdown levels and so on. In 2014 people still created cool levels, but some players changed to LBP2/LBP3 and said, LBPV would die. Well, LBPV is not dead, but I feel like I'm the only guy who still has cool projects over there.

Though CuriousSack is working on a cool little game for LBP Vita. I read about it and I am excited. Happy
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