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Awesome Trailer!

I know this isn't really a complete level, but this is a great trailer about a Sonic the Hedgehog movie!

[Image: tumblr_oabe3tbLOn1qjmob6o1_500.jpg]
Woooow! Gurren009, this trailer is fantastic, the atmosphere, the dramatic composition, the voice actings....woooow!
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=CuriousSack&bg=s01&f=1&l=5]
Wow, that trailer is awesome! Happy Thanks for sharing! Makes me want to see the whole movie! Happier
[Image: drawsig.php?creator=SakuraLBPDragonX&bg=43&f=3&l=6]

Hello! Check out my youtube channel if you like as well! -> SakuraLBP ^^

Have a great day! Happy

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