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Blue3 by deadmn

This level is PURE AWESOMENESS! I did a review for it:

Holy mother of god. This level was pretty much the perfect LBPV level. I had just said that a couple of times before, and one of those times was in one of your other levels. You are becoming one of my favorite creators deadmn!


Heh, what can I really tell you about this level that is not praising its beautiful gameplay, the great graphics, etc etc.
The use of the creatinator is... And this is the first time I've ever said this... Is fun! Incredibly fun! The joy of overcoming some puzzles, specially a couple of them that are quite harder than others is something I had long missed from LBP levels this days. I highly enjoy when a talented creator takes his/her time to create something more difficult and challenging even though that may cost 'em some yays and hearts of people rage quitting and stuff.

[Image: 9316737473_9e92638db8.jpg]

The best thing about this is that it is not just a plain puzzler. It is a really ingenious puzzler that relies more in creative puzzles than in too-complicated logic, that mixes platforming, bubble combos and graphics/scenery perfectly, creating a hell of a masterpiece. The badge was lovely as well, but the title is yet a mystery to me... Hehehe, why blue^3?

Anyway... If this levels doesn't get Team Picked and soon, I will eat my hat. I've only said that once and the last time I did that level got picked in less than 72 hours. Good luck pal Happiest

[Image: 9319527410_c532344b8d.jpg]


Gameplay 9.5/10 It is just a little bit buggy at times but it is almost perfect!
Graphics 8.5/10 Great great great! They fall ocasionally to a bit too simplistic in some areas, but overall they are really good!
Sound 9/10 The music blends perfectly, and all those sound effects are just where they are needed to be. Great work man!
Overall 9/10.........: WHERE'S THE TEAM PICK?

The link is right here if you want to queue it: http://vita.lbp.me/v/d95e0
is this a kind of ToF for VITA and if yes whats with the second one?
[Image: PRqT2DR.png]
No, not a ToF properly, but believe me that a new episode is coming! This is more like a personal recommendation Happy It could have some use for the Vita Picks Episode 5 as well Wink
Lol this level got picked... I guess I already reviewed this right? Happiest

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