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Some Team-Pick worthy levels!

I've noticed a lot of amazing levels lately like "Jellyfish's garden", "Crystal Caverns - made by me, komodojr70", and "Purgatory" and theirs still more! And most of these levels are not team-picked!? for some reason Tarsier studios hasn't noticed these even though they have quite allot of plays. If any one could notify Tarsier studios that would be awesome!
i havn't played anyone of these levels but im sure they aren't teampick worthy many of the younger creators think like you and i don't get why.... anyway perhaps im wrong about your level! a link would be helpful Wink
I'm new on lbpforum so I don't know how to set up links. you could just type my name komodojr70 at LBP.me in the vita section.
I think it is the very base of common knowledge of every user in the internet, the word 'link' is used in the meaning of a way of directing to a certain webpage. Obviously the most simple way to do this provide the address of the webpage. The address to the LBF page is: "www.littlebigforum.net", so writing that gives you a link to the page, because knowing that you can easily open this page. Therefore the link to your lbp.me vita page would be given by writing: http://vita.lbp.me/u/komodojr70 . In this case LBF automatically creates a click-able text segment which automatically directs you to the address the segment represents.
So the way to provide a lbp.me link to a specific level you go to the lbp.me page of the level, copy the address from your browser's address bar and paste it in your post(make sure it is a word separated by space, new line characters or quotes from any other text). That's it, it's probably a lot simpler than you might have thought. Happy
I hope this helps.

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