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A Green Thumb (mini game) by sayer6913 and The Shapes Of Defense by justjar95

A Green Thumb (mini game) by sayer6913

Link: https://vita.lbp.me/v/kdxnc

Description: (1 player only) Test your skills through this Bug-A-Thon mini game! Squash your way through the hi-scores to try to be the best of the best! Use your touch screen to squash the bugs and activate traps that help kill the bugs! A level for AND Gate week. Enjoy Happy

My opinion on it: when I first played this level I wasn't expecting much. Then I started the level and clicked on the menu to start, right away I noticed the nice background and thought it was well made, I squashed a few bugs and the fun started! I eventually lasted so long and there were like 40 bugs to squash on the screen! Luckily I set off a few traps which are used to help kill the bugs, and the whole objective is to stop the bugs from getting to the fridge and infect your food supply! Overall I found this very enjoyable and give it a 9.5/10!

The Shapes Of Defense by JustJar95

Link: https://vita.lbp.me/v/kdvj8

Description: My own spin on a Tower Defense game, with a big difference. The towers don't attack automatically! You'll have to activate the right station at the right time! Also features unlock able rewards for getting certain scores! There is also a tutorial section. A big thanks for Guarneri for the music!

My opinion on it: I am a huge fan of top down and really enjoyed that this one had a spin to it! This was honestly one of the best vita levels I have played and everything in it felt very professional! This one is definitely a must play! 10/10

For pictures of these levels and other AND Gate Week levels follow @AND_Gate_Games on Twitter!
Late, but thank you for the level.

Will play it soon. Aren't you the guy behind 'Infection'? Happier
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