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Create Marathon 5: Signups and Information [TEAMS INSIDE]

Aww man! I can't make it this time because of work. Sad But I hope you guys make something awesome! Feel free to put me down as a back up because if you tweet me I might be able to fill in last minute for someone who drops out, who knows?
Twitter: @dolphinsRlame
Already signed to this awesome marathon on LBPC. Can't wait to take part in my first one Happier
Can I suggest getting into the same team/group with Renefoetsie? He's a close friend of mine, and we live both in the Netherlands, so the timezones are no problem. Happier
A contest for name of GORGEOUS MASTER F(X)VE? Mah i claim this contest oh baby baby. The theme is show your love to MASTER M(X)ND SEKSY F(X)VE. Good luck slaves
I would enjoy to be a replacement, I'm not 100% sure if I'll be home those dates so I'll be a replacement. PSN: mdoodle22
Time Zone: Eastern Time USA (New York, New York time zone). And since I want to be a backup and don't have all the DLC I wouldn't like to be a group leader. My twitter is @mdoodle22 if you need to contact me if I'm going to be in the event or not possibly
i would be horrible at this Happy
Can't wait for this! Happier
Teams have been posted! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...bvpE/edit#gid=0
Looks like I'm hangin' with the back ups this time around.

My time zone: GMT -6
PSN: iTellous
Twitter: @tellous
Yeah Im with yugnar and dertyde im a team Happier

[Image: UWP1Yny.png]

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