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Create Marathon 5: Signups and Information [TEAMS INSIDE]

[Image: Screen_Shot_2014_07_14_at_12_44_51_AM.png]

The date of the event is going to be July 26th(Saturday) and July 27th (Sunday), 2014.

Hello everyone and welcome to the FIFTH (Wow am I really saying fifth?) CREATE MARATHON! For those who want to skip the boring stuff and get right to the nitty-gritty deets; you'll find the sign-up information at the end of this post. If you're new and want to know exactly what this event is all about, keep reading! I'll be sure to cover everything and try to answer any questions you may have below.

So, what IS the Create Marathon, exactly?

The Create Marathon is an event that brings creators together from all over to create a level within a 24 hour time frame. Every creator that signs up will be placed into a team, and a group of 3 other creators, which will be their create partners for the entire event.
Oh baby it's on!
I've been waiting for this for a while. Awesome!

PSN ID: RainbowT-Rex
Time Zone: -4 GMT San Juan, Puerto Rico
I could be a group leader & host the session without trouble. Even better if I get a late night shift. Happy
I've always wanted to try out something like this. Please count me in! Not interested in any leadership or hosting roles though, sorry.

My time zone: GMT -4 (EDT)
PSN: adamaniac987
Twitter: @adamaniac987 (you can pretty much poke me everywhere with this username)

Hope all goes well!
Count me in! I'm great with working with others. And errrr great in custom music, level design etc. n' stuff. The rules are no problem whatsoever. That's it. Happiest

- PSN: RazerBlue6
- Time Zone: The Netherlands (GMT+1hour)
- I cannot be a group leader/session host, because I don't have the NBC kit, but I have a superb connection tho.
- My twitter is @RazerBlue6.
PSN ID: Seleven7
Time Zone: GMT -7 (PDT)
I cannot be a group leader/session host.
you do that when I'll be on my vacation!!! I was waiting that a LOOONG TIME for that but.... Wink I'm just ALWAYS unlucky Very sad
I would like to participate! Thanks!

PSN: Dertyde94
Time zone: Paris hour (GTM +1)

I cannot be a group leader because I don't have needed dlc (and I don't wanna be one :3)
I'm finally in it but i don't think i'm able to do it cos of my timezone Sadder
Wait, so can you make it or not? Happy If you have any doubts we may have to remove you and put you on the replacement list Happy
Its okWink

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