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LBP3 HOW TO...? Contest

[Image: Howto_zps65623200.png]

Have you passed the Poppit academy exams with flying colours?... Have you any tips, tricks or techniques you would like to share with the community? Well if you have then LittleBIgNetwork & LittleBigPlanet central have teamed up once again to launch a create contest for all to enjoy!

Between now and January 1st create a Tutorial level...It can be on any subject you like.. Tech tips, Create advice, new LBP3 content, Level or character design, Taming those wild oddsocks, swoops & sackbots, gadgets, Play guides, gizmos or glitches!...any subject that comes to mind!

Publish your Tutorial Level between January 16th-january 22nd for all the community to play and share.

Please use the prefix LBP3 HOW TO at the start of your levels title.

register your entry in the LBP3 HOW TO participants thread at http://www.littlebignetwork.com/index.ph...01-lbp3-how-to/ or on LBPC or both..

Two winners will receive three exclusive in game winners pins and £30/$30 psn credit...runner up prizes of sack figures too!

[Image: LBNpin-1_zps59234dc7.png][Image: a4eeab64-5728-4ac8-b716-9fede783987a_zps269b7b7a.jpg][Image: howpin_zps93640590.jpg]

Have fun creating your masterclass and demonstrate some true community share spirit by helping others through their first steps through this wonderful new LittleBig adventure! Happy

oops apparently the first url link was bonkers. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. The corrected link is now in place.
the link doesn't work.

Quote:Zitat von Little Big Network im Beitrag #1
register your entry in the LBP3 HOW TO participants thread at http://www.littlebig...ad/#entry503758 or on LBPC or both..
Quote:Zitat von Sound Friction im Beitrag #3
don't be rude
But its true XD
jk jk
but really LBN Fix your link
I guess I'll be spending my break inside then.
^ LOL same here
after i get lbp3 I'm never leaving home unless school and thats it XD
oops, sorry about that guys. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. http://www.littlebignetwork.com/index.ph...01-lbp3-how-to/ <----- should work
This contest is an excellent opportunity for you guys to share some of your LBP Create knowledge! Great idea guys ^.^
I'll let my buddy LOOKaUsername know about this. the guy is an absolute expert on everything logic
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