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Cant publish levels in LBP3!

What a horrible bug! Did you contact Steveni?
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(09/11/2017, 21:04)awesomesonicfan Wrote:
(09/11/2017, 20:57)Hanfi1311 Wrote: This is normal in LBP3, once this error happens, you have to restart the game and try again, you can just try it again and again, sometimes it takes days but one day it will work... others say, go into your level and save it in a new creator, this can help... others say, go into a level, capture all things and put it into a new level and publish the new level... these tricks can help but are no garanty... you can delete the video of the level, too, sometimes helps, too...
i have been trying for a few days now and still no luck how do you save it as a new creator?? Do you mean a new account??

oh, its crater in english, my fault, there is a save as function next to save, dont know how its called in english version, sorry, then you can dublicate your level...

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