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[Roughly 15 Fresh-S2] 041 - Lunkhead

Ossu! Good morning all! It's that time again!

This week we're having a look at:

Moonshine's Castle of Dreams - CrazyCatQueen
Lumberwood - AlpiPynnonen
Relaxing Concept - SweetGingerAle
Kamitorii No Hikyou - PAZUDORAb
Billy's Toybox - aveman101

It's an oddly chill set of levels this go about, not a lot of high-stress, high-danger, but that can be nice too sometimes. Hopefully there'll be something in the lot that looks right for you. Thanks as always for all the support and feedback, and have a great day!

Behind the Curtains Stuffs
Got everything wrapped early enough that i couldn't really justify staying up for lsrs's stream, which is a shame, i had a good time with it last week. Still, the extra 4hours of sleep was well appreciated.

My own stream is chugging along well enough, barring technical difficulties like the connection dropping out like yesterday. i'm...kind of enjoying Axiom Verge, though sometimes it really is too obtuse for it's own good. i've been doing well enough not going to FAQs, but we may need to soon so i don't have to spend another episode mostly stumbling around in the dark (though, at least we got a lot of the map explored, and picked up a bunch of optional, but helpful stuff).

i'm going to see Meg today...i don't really know if that's a good thing or not, to be honest.
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Want to watch a foolish gaijin butcher monsters and the Japanese language at the same time? Well, now, you can!

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