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My Awards
Name Description Award
Green ribbon Get featured in an episode of the LBF Picks Green ribbon
Selfie Make a photo with an Administrator of LittleBigForum Selfie
Spammer Reach 250 Posts Spammer
Spambot Reach 500 Posts Spambot
Always first Win a contest on LittleBigForum Always first
Next Beethoven Get featured in an episode of the LBF Music Showcase Next Beethoven
Writer Reach 100 Posts Writer
Spammaster Reach 1000 Posts Spammaster
Loved Get 100 likes Loved
Supportive You've done a lot to improve LittleBigForum Supportive
Around the clock Have an online time of more than one day Around the clock
Famous Get 250 likes Famous
Supersack Get 500 likes Supersack
One of the old Be a member since the beginning of LittleBigForum One of the old
Crown Contest Be 1st, 2nd or 3rd place of a LBF Crown Contest  Crown Contest
Hub Contest Be 1st, 2nd or 3rd place of a LBF Hub Contest Hub Contest
Pod Contest Be 1st, 2nd or 3rd place of a LBF Pod Contest Pod Contest
9th July Be active on 9 July, the birthday of LittleBigForum 9th July
LBF Friend Be an official of LBP or another big fansite LBF Friend
Very recommendable Post and recommend over 10 levels in the Recommendations section Very recommendable
Protector You helped LBF and reported spam content Protector
Active forum player You are playing a lot of forum games Active forum player
Teacher Make a tutorial for LBP and post it in the tutorial section Teacher
Musician Share a music gallery in the LBF Music section Musician
Dreamer Share a plan or project for Mm's upcoming game Dreams in the Dreams section Dreamer
Creative Sack Post your artwork on LBF Creative Sack